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These days, it seems that Twitter is everywhere. It has seen a wide range of applications and been at the centre of a wide range of news stories, from the recent revolutions in the Middle East to the controversy closer to home in the UK over public figures’ ‘super injunctions’.

The former of those two instances has once again demonstrated Twitter’s position at the forefront of the rising trend for ‘citizen journalism’ and the increased use of social media, even by those working in traditional media. Take the example of Andy Carvin, the NPR editor who has curated news from the region with thanks, in no small part, to the social networking site. Then there is the example of Brian Stelter, the New York Times reporter who reported on the aftermath of the Joplin, Missouri tornado through the site.

Over in Britain, meanwhile, Twitter hit the headlines as the place on the web where thousands of users posted the name of the Premiership footballer who had taken out a gag order to protect their privacy amidst an alleged extra-marital affair. In a separate case, legal action was also brought by councillors and officials from the South Tyneside local authority who sought to unmask a Twitter user who the group had claimed made libelous posts about them on the site.

If there is anything to learn from such recent developments, it is certainly that Twitter has grown considerably in power and influence. Such is the site’s dizzyingly wide range of applications, however, that its value is certainly not just restricted to those that dominate news headlines. Another way in which Twitter has made its influence felt since its launch just a few short years ago is as a source of seemingly every possible product or service that one could seek.

One such product or service is the humble voucher code. Voucher codes are certainly a highly effective means of saving money, and the new @YumGo tweet-2-discount service allows Twitter users to instantly access any of a wide range of discount codes from top and local brands, simply by tweeting a brand name to the @YumGo Twitter account.

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