Is Twitter empowering us to ditch the device-specific app?

Here are some number-crunching statistics for you. The Apple App Store, which is widely regarded as the ‘granddaddy’ of the vast numbers of app stores that have now sprung up from various providers, is now home to more than one million apps. Indeed, even the only recently launched Amazon Appstore for Android already has some 100,000 apps, whilst Google’s Android Market, the Apple store’s greatest adversary over the last few years, has half a million apps. And yet, how many apps do you, personally, use on your own mobile or tablet device?

The reason we ask is that reports have been emerging that despite the availability of such a staggering range of apps from such a great number of stores, many people still don’t use many apps on their browsers, desktops and smartphones. The reasons for their lack of use appear to be a combination of their slowness, constant need for updates and lack of portability or compatibility with different hardware and operating systems, or even just their simple lack of functionality.

Clearly then, many of us remain dissatisfied with ‘apps’ as we have come to know them, despite their ubiquity. In considering this subject again recently, it has made me think that we need an alternative to this kind of app – or to put it more specifically, a more lightweight, agile or portable app… An app that, unlike Apple’s and Android’s device and OS-specific offerings, can actually be accessed from anywhere or that are based on a much more easily and universally used platform such as Twitter.

If, for example, we just dwell on the subject of Twitter for a moment, I already use that social networking site to keep myself updated on the latest news and sport headlines, as well as to follow my favourite celebrities. So why not also use it to access the kind of services that are otherwise frequently provided by an app, such as voucher codes? As a matter of fact, I already do, via the @YumGo tweet-2-discount application.

Simply by tweeting a brand name to the @YumGo Twitter account, I can instantly receive the latest discounts that are linked to that brand.

About Shashank Garg

Enjoy Product development such as Wireless water meter, @TikBuzz (Entertainment tickets price comparison engine) & @Tweepforce (Twitter CRM Tool). Sometimes, I blog my random thoughts too!

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