Love, Greed & Fear: What’s at the Core of Your Product?

Hunter Walk

Design isn’t just pixels and beauty; it’s about producing emotional connections with consumers. The rise of design coincides with the mass adoption of smartphones and tablets. This isn’t a coincidence. These devices are heavily anthropomorphic. You hold them in your hands, close to your body. You touch, pinch, swipe and stroke to produced desired outcomes. They sit in your pockets, close to your groin. You worry about them getting tired (battery life). And they feel warm to the touch after long periods of use. You worry about them getting tired.

If design is about emotion maybe your product has an emotional DNA. That is to say, design can help expose or amplify the soul of your product. Sometimes to the point of taking a small squeak and turning it into a SHOUT. But one thing design can’t do is disguise or alter the core of your product. At what’s at…

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