Everything You Need To Know From Today’s Facebook F8 Announcements



Today marked the first day of F8, Facebook’s annual developer conference, and the company announced a ton of stuff!

Some of it is bigger than others, though — so we’ve wrapped up all the most important stuff from today in one easy-to-digest list. Enjoy!

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Understanding The Big Picture Of F8

Facebook's Family

Facebook wants to be more than a single app. It wants to be a family of apps that serve diverse use cases and protect each other from disruption. Thanks to Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, and outside developers, Facebook has maintained its reign for 11 years. But it will have to give third-party developers and marketers confidence in Facebook’s longstanding stability if it wants to keep the family together.

Messenger As A Platform:

As we absolutely scooped so hard last week, Facebook is opening up Messenger as a platform for…

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