Twitter Expands Its Program For Ads Outside Twitter


Twitter is unveiling several new features for advertisers that want their campaigns to go beyond the social platform. And it’s giving the program a new name — the Twitter Audience Platform.

Last year, the company launched something called the Twitter Publisher Network, giving advertisers one interface for buying campaigns that ran not just on Twitter’s websites and apps, but also with publishers who were working with Twitter-acquired MoPub.

Twitter’s senior director of revenue products Ameet Ranadive told me that the network now reaches 700 million people, and it’s getting a new name to better reflect the reasons that advertisers like it.

“It’s really around audience — their goal is to reach a particular audience and leverage the unique data and signals that Twitter has,” he said.

Facebook has also placed an emphasis on targeting ads beyond Facebook through its revamped Atlas platform. Providing broader reach for advertisers could be a particularly important challenge…

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