Clear Deletes Dumb Tweets Before You Regret Them


Most of us have embarrassing stories about things we’ve shared on social media, but it’s hard to top Ethan Czahor‘s. He was hired as Jeb Bush’s chief technology officer, but shortly after he got the job, journalists uncovered some old offensive tweets and he had to resign.

Now Czahor is back in the tech world (before going into politics, he co-founded Hipster, which was acquired by TechCrunch-owner AOL, and he also worked at The Honest Company) with an iOS app called Clear that could help people in similar situations. Granted, chances are you’ll never even be in the running for the job of Jeb Bush’s CTO or, I dunno, the new host of The Daily Show, but old Facebook or Twitter posts can still make you look bad, either when you’re looking for a new position or when you’re about to start the new job.


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