Is Twitter poised to change the dynamics of online selling?

It’s fair to say that the Internet has made an immense difference to the way in which we shop for products and services. In the old days, finding a great deal may have been more difficult than it is now, but you at least knew where you stood. If, by any chance, you didn’t like what was on offer on your local high street… you just had to accept it, and that was that.

In the past decade or so, however, the retail picture has changed completely with the emergence of quick, easy and widespread Internet shopping. First, it was Amazon that was turning the retail world upside down, first altering the dynamics of the books market and then doing the same for home appliances, electronics and whitewoods.
Then, it was eBay that was causing a stir, namely by giving more power to the individual seller, and in the process creating an economy of a greater size than half of the countries in the world. This was followed by services like Craigslist and Gumtree, which allowed for last minute and generally more informal selling – even including the letting out of driveways and spare rooms during Wimbledon! And even more recently, we’ve seen the impact of

Facebook Marketplace in linking a social media network to opportunities to buy and sell.
That, however, is not the most recent of the continuous revolutions that are being experienced in the world of online shopping. That’s because, in attempt to leverage the very fast growing base of Twitter users here in the UK – 6 million people, in fact – the Twitter deal specialist @YumGo has added another service to its offering that further empowers sellers.

The way the service works is that by simply tweeting to @YumGo, the seller can have their voucher code tweeted back to the service’s rapidly growing list of followers. It means that there is no download, no registration and no spam for any seller to worry about.

A @YumGo spokesperson commented: “Twitter’s no-nonsense and easily accessible world allows us to expose sellers’ daily deals to the right people, in the process creating a transparent, agile and cost-effective marketplace.”
So, the next time Wimbledon or the Olympic Game takes place, people can tweet to find the best daily deals…

@YumGo – Twitter voucher code application launched

UK based Internet firm @YumGo allows keen shoppers to simply tweet brand names to access a wide range of discount codes.

The recent economic slump has led to people more closely watching their pennies, and indeed, hard-pressed Britons have adopted a range of strategies to ensure that they remain within their means. One such strategy, for example, could be to simply cut back on everything, whilst another could be to ‘ring fence’ one area of spending whilst reducing another. Increasing numbers of savvy online shoppers, however, are discovering a third way to effectively save money: online discount codes.
Discount vouchers, much like those that used to come in newspapers, can be found right across the Internet, including from a broad range of household name brands. Used regularly, they can certainly help buyers to save a substantial amount of money, and it is now even easier to access the widest range of such discount codes thanks to the launch of a new tweet-2-discount application by @YumGo.

Voucher codes from the biggest brands

@YumGo offers a wide range of promotional codes from the best known brands. These include from top food retailers such as Pizza Express, Pizza Hut, Zizzi and Strada and supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda, as well as electronic stores such as Currys, Comet, PC World and and sports retailers Nike, Reebok and Sunglasses. Shoppers can gain access to these codes within 60 seconds simply by tweeting the relevant brand name to the @YumGo Twitter account. @YumGo also brings local codes first to shoppers who enable their location using Twitter’s location based service.

@YumGo - Tweet-2-Discount


An @YumGo spokesperson stated: “We couldn’t be more proud to offer our unique instant tweet-2-discount service. There is no need for tweeters to worry about spam as they are not required to follow us, and nor is there any fee or app to download. Instead, all you get from us is an instant discount, 24/7, if you tweet a brand name to us.”

@YumGo is not a partner of Twitter, instead simply building its application using Twitter’s open-source technology. In addition to its Twitter page and main website at, @YumGo is also on Facebook, making it even more accessible to the escalating numbers of people who are using the World Wide Web (WWW) to find discount codes.